10 things to check before Flying Private Air Charter on Rent

Before flying a private air charter on rent, you need to check the following things:

  1. Firstly, you need to check the safety standards.
  • Different safety standards are set for the different types of flights.
  • All countries have their own civil aviation authorities, so the rules vary a bit but generally commercial flights with more than 20 passengers or so operate under very strict standards.
  • Private flights with no commercial application have the least strict. Charter flights, those on smaller aircraft but with a commercial element, operate in the middle of the two.

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  1. There are independent auditing boards for different operators. If safety is a main concern, you can enquire if the operator has safety audits from appropriate departments.
  1. Some aircraft owners rent or lease their aircraft to others. It is common to rent an aircraft, like a Cessna 182 or Cirrus. However, when someone is going to rent an aircraft which require a pilot, there are some legal matters to consider. You can also take advice from an official representative regarding the risks and protections.
  1. Through a charter operator or a charter broker, you can book a charter flight. You have to make sure when and where you will be flying and how many passengers would be there.
  1. Charter flights may have extra charges. However, there would not be a fuel surcharge. Other charges may include landing fees, international fees, relocation, catering and empty leg charges, a minimum daily usage up charge in case the aircraft stays at the destination for the return trip.
  1. Your life is in the hands of the pilots. So, it is important to keep this in mind as they are communicating with the tower, especially during takeoff and landing. Once you are seated, you have to secure loose items and tie up your seatbelt. Turbulence may happen anytime.
  1. You have to check the price range per hour for each type of aircraft. The price you pay for a charter flight largely depends on many factors like the distance of your trip, the geographic location and much more.
  1. You can check the privacy matters as well. А private jet rental will offer complete privacy throughout the duration of the flight. For business associates, this is the ideal setting for holding meetings or working while on board.
  1. You can check the overall penalties for cancelling process and they differ from contract to contract. Kindly make sure you understand the limitations before you sign.
  1. You have to check the proper terms and conditions. Prices can be largely dependent on aircraft availability. The charter operator has control over the planes. You have to sign a quote with the charter terms.

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