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10 Key Points to know about Private Jet and VIP Air Charters

People can charter a private jet by speaking directly to an operator or by approaching a charter broker. They can arrange the flight on behalf of you.

The first point of contact is letting the broker or operator know the details of your request that include date, preferred time of arrival and number of passengers.

After an initial telephone conversation, the broker or operator will send over quote by e-mail within an hour or two.

Once the quote has been accepted, you can possibly negotiate with the price.

Today, VIP air charter services are offered by many reputed air charter service providers. You can contact them any time and can get some additional details.

The customer will usually pay the full cost of the flight up front. Any additional costs incurred during the flight are settled afterwards.

Here are some important points to know regarding VIP Air Charters:

  1. The departure time is flexible unless you are ride sharing:
  • The departure time is really flexible in a charter flight.
  • You can notify them anytime, if your time changes.
  • The staff will appreciate you greatly and you will find better departure experience.


  1. Book the private jet in advance:
  • Most private jets can be booked the same day.
  • One can book a private jet within 12 hours of the desired departure time.


  1. It is courteous to tip your pilot:
  • Many jet pilots do not earn as much as you may think.
  • Once you are happy with the service, you can offer them tip anywhere between US dollar 10 to US dollar 100.


  1. You will be treated like a prince:
  • While travelling, you will be given your own driver and assistant.
  • Designer uniforms are common and you may be given a personal credit card.
  • The plane’s chef will make arrangements whatever you like.


  1. Plenty of perks:
  • Staying in some of the world’s most expensive hotels and dining at the finest restaurants are among the perks.
  • You might find yourself being invited to a party in the VIP section of an exclusive club.
  • One can even enjoy backstage passes to see their favourite band.


  1. One should dress appropriately:
  • Business or business casual attire is always considered best.
  • Make sure to dress neatly and nice jeans are always fine.
  • Avoid overly casual dress like sweatpants and gym clothes.


  1. Identity proof is essential:
  • Before boarding, you need to show a valid identity proof.


  1. There is no assigned seat:
  • Private jet fliers do not have assigned seats.
  • Guests should wait for the owner or leader of the group to choose his or her seat first.


  1. Red wine is avoided in private jets:
  • Red wine is to be avoided at any cost.
  • Reason being, high cost is associated in replacing components that may stain.


  1.  Fly fast:
  • Through a private jet charter, you can travel quickly.


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