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Top 5 points why overfly permit is important?

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Over flight permits are authorizations from Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) to overfly that country’s airspace.

All countries have their own regulations regarding issuance of flight permits as there is generally a payment involved.

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The procedure for issuance of these permits also varies from country to country.

More details regarding these can be obtained from the respective country’s Civil Aviation websites.

Below mentioned are some points why overfly permit is important?

  1. To ensure your routing is safe:
  • For a safe travel, it is important.
  • Also to ensure that there is no political or security objection to an airline or an aircraft.
  • There should be no pending outstanding navigation fees.


  1. Determining routing:
  • Aeronautical Information Publications normally provide rules which include over flight permit requirements, for each country.
  • Whenever you plan a trip, it is imperative for you to determine a practical route of flight.
  • It is always essential to produce a useable routing.
  • And not a routing that puts you over countries which may be sanctioned or prohibited for your particular flight operation.


  1. Understanding of the departure point:
  • In India, passengers can be boarded at any destination port where the aircraft is cleared to operate.
  • The origin of a flight is a more important consideration for the permit process than whether you are operating privately or as a charter.
  • You should provide the same documentation as an Indian-registered aircraft coming in from an international destination.
  • In India, there are generally no problems picking up Indian nationals and flying them within the country.
  • But, in case you violate the permit process.
  • Then it is possible that Indian authorities will pick up on this eventually.


  1. To determine the airport slots:
  • Crews need to be diligent when flying to India during peak hours.
  • For General Aviation, there may be airport slot closures due to airline activity.
  • So, you may have to revise your airport slot close to day of ops.
  • During busy periods, Air Traffic Control i.e. (ATC) may give you delays by as much as 1 to 2 hours.
  • If the airport authorities decide to change your slot, they can do this and can manage revised slots with ATC.
  • But, if you need to make a significant change to an airport slot, it may become necessary to begin the permit process again.


  1. In advance parking confirmation:
  • Parking issues and lack of longer-term parking can occur at Mumbai (VABB).
  • Corporate aircraft parking availability may become more restrictive in the near future.
  • While there are currently no noise restrictions within India, you will often run into curfews on GA movements during peak commercial airliner operating times.
  • Henceforth, parking confirmation in advance is mandatory.


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