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12 Things which you need to avoid on Airplanes

Air travelling has greatly increased in recent decades and it gets doubled between the mid 1980s and year 2000.

Air travelling can be categorized into domestic and international flights. A Flight which travels from one point to another within the same country is called domestic flight.

A Flight travels from a point in one country to a point within a different country is known as international flight.

Travellers can use domestic or international fights in either private or public travel. If you are willing to travel via private jet, then you can take the help of an air charter service provider.

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Now have a look at 12 Things which you need to avoid while on Airplanes:

  1. Sleeping during takeoff or landing:

As the plane goes up & down, the air pressure changes faster.

In order to balance the pressure, all you need to do is chew gum— inhale, and then exhale gently as you hold your mouth and nose shut.

Sleeping will get you more uncomfortable, severe hearing loss in the worst cases, slight hearing loss, ear drum damage, or nosebleeds.

  1. Sitting from takeoff to landing:

Low air pressure in the cabin will slow down your circulation and you may develop blood clots, particularly in the legs.

Regardless of where you are seated, you can protect yourself by performing some exercises every so often.

Clench and release your leg muscles, raise your toes while your heels on the floor, and raise your heels while your toes are on the floor.

Before moving on to the next, repeat each move number of times, and repeat the entire series periodically throughout your flight.

Just try to shift positions time and again, and move your legs anytime you are awake enough to think of it.

  1. Dozing off when it is a daytime at your final destination:

Instead, change your watch to reflect the time zone. Then adjust your activities accordingly- If your watch says it is a bedtime, go ahead and shut your eyes.

Otherwise, open up your eyes and face the day.

  1. Declining a beverage:

Cabin air is very dry as your body loses moisture every time you exhale. Your body gets dehydrate when you breathe at high altitudes.

  1. Ordering tea or coffee:

Coffees and teas are made from plane tap water and could contain coliform. According to a 2012 Environmental Protection Agency report, bacteria found in 12 percent of commercial airplanes.

Take bottled water, and hold the ice if it is made with plane tap water. You can also ask the flight attendant for the same.

  1. Drinking anything with bubbles:

According to an Aerospace Medical Association report, a change in air pressure can cause gas inside the body and the gas can expand as much as twenty five percent.

So kindly avoid drinking those things inside a plane.

  1. Boozing it up:

While alcohol can initially help you to fall asleep on a flight, it will ultimately mess with your sleep quality, can dehydrate you, and trigger a lingering hangover which makes you irritable and lethargic.

So, avoid liquor until you are back on the ground.

  1. Bingeing on plane food:

According to a German study, dry cabin air and low air pressure may lessen your ability to perceive salty and sweet tastes by fifteen to thirty percent and can make foods taste worse.

Environmental distractions also affect your sense of taste.

  1. Eating food after it falls on your tray table:

Kindly avoid eating food that falls on your tray table. You can use a napkin, an antibacterial wipe, or a hand sanitizer to clean it.

  1. Fussing with your seat belt:

Kindly avoid touching the strap after you fasten it.

  1. Walking around barefoot:

Lurking garbage and food debris could be the reason enough to keep your shoes on.

  1. Holding it in until you get there:

If you want to pee while you are in the air, just rush to the bathroom, or else your urine may hang around in the bladder and it can trigger an infection.


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