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Look at the Top 10 Reasons to fly private jet

Flying on a private jet is not only about comfort, luxury, elegance, and convenience but about privacy and prestige.

Believe it there are many reasons that people want to fly on a Private Jet and some not as obvious as others and definitely what you would think.

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Look at the Top 10 Reasons to fly private:

  1. Safety and avoiding Terrorism:

For safety reasons and avoiding the risk of terrorist attack, people prefer to take a jet.

Sometimes the only way to get out of a country under attack or threat is to Charter a Private Jet that comes to your rescue.

It is also a relief for some people to know that they are travelling only with people they know and trust.

  1. Travelling with Loved Ones:

Most operators may allow passengers to take anything on board.

The Middle Eastern clients may take everything like Chihuahuas, Falcons, and larger dog breeds like Great Danes.

  1. Shop till you drop:

Paying extra for oversized or additional luggage is not really going to be a concern.

Whether it is Paris, Milan, Nice or London, the hottest shopping destinations may attract many Private Jets with eager shoppers onboard.

  1. Dine in Style:

People can enjoy Michelin Starred quality cuisine and sipping on a glass of Dom Perignon at forty two thousand feet.

Surprisingly, on some Private Jets you can take a cigarette on board. This could be catastrophic on a large commercial aircraft; however it is well controlled on a private jet.

  1. Avoiding Crowds and Large Airports

You can take the help of Dubai International Airport. Terminal three is the largest airport terminal and largest building in the world by floor space.

Statistics from early 2014 also illustrate that there are over seven thousand weekly flights operated by 140 airlines to over 230 destinations across every continent except Antarctica.

Dubai International Airport is handling over eighty million passengers annually.

You can pick the time you want to depart, however you may relax in one of the VIP Lounges, well away from the main terminal while the custom formalities are completed.

The Private Jet will definitely wait for you.

  1. Transporting Precious Cargo:

Private Jets are chartered for luxury holiday getaways and corporate business trips. On the other hand, they are often used for the transportation of perilous goods or precious materials.

Some common examples are diamonds, weapons, and gold. It can be a matter of urgency for something like medicine because the effectiveness of these drug decline with the passage of time.

  1. Remote Destinations:

Commercial aircraft may not always travel to the remote destination but on the other hand a private jet can easily take you to far distant places.

Some places around the world are difficult to reach. For e.g. it is impossible to get to the Catalina Island where the airport is literally carved but a Private Jet will get you there.

Private Jets will often take you to remote destinations like the Middle Eastern countries, Iraq, Afghanistan and some other distant nations.

  1. Celebrity and Privacy:

Today, celebrities, royal families and government figures take private jet to avoid the gazing public eye.

Angelina Jolie often charter private jets around the world for her United Nation commitments because she travels to some of the most dangerous nations in the world.

  1. Attending Concerts and Events:

Many famous rock bands tour the world on a Private Jet. In order to attend concerts and events, they take private jets.

  1. Luxury, Exclusivity and Prestige:

One can play a movie or music at any level with speakers throughout the cabin. The jets are equipped with Wi-Fi, laptop connections, and phones.

For business people time is money. On a private jet people can easily plan their meetings and can visit several destinations.

If you are travelling overnight, comfortable beds are there to make sure that passengers do not face any kind of hassle.


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