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Top 10 Tips for Having a Good Flight – a close Look

In spite of federal safety regulations and snoring seatmates, there are plenty of ways to improve the experience of travel.

These tips in fact make the whole in-flight experience more comfortable and a bit less crazy-making.

There’re even a few easy ways to keep yourself rested, healthy, and entertained during your flight. This can make a happier travel.

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Now, take a look at the Top 10 Tips for Having a Good Flight:

  1. Get in Your Seat and Power Down:

When you board the aircraft, you can find your seat, place your carry-on in the overhead bin & can sit down.

Turn off your iPod, cell phone, portable DVD player, or whatever electronic device you have with you.

Wait patiently for the announcement from the captain or the flight crew that it is safe to switch your approved electronic devices back on once again.

  1. Bring a Portable DVD Player:

Portable DVD players can be found online and at big-box electronics stores for as little as US $100 and they are definitely worth the price. So, you can bring a portable DVD player inside a flight.

  1. Bring Healthy Snacks:

During a long flight, simple cheap snacks can keep you healthy and prevent your blood sugar from dipping too low.

Crunchy snacks like celery sticks, carrot sticks, and whole-wheat crackers are really satisfying.

Granola, nuts and dried fruits are also a great choice. They often have more calories than you might think. While you pack these items, check the labels and serving sizes.

Just make sure whatever you bring is easy to eat. It doesn’t require refrigeration and doesn’t require utensils.

  1. Bring Hand Sanitizer:

It is easy enough to be a vigilant hand-washer while you are still on the ground, where soap and water are pretty easy to come by.

Sometimes, you are sitting in the window seat with a sandwich on your tray and a rumbling stomach.

Wait! Do not pick that sandwich. First spray a little alcohol-based hand sanitizer into your palm and rub it around.

  1. Drink Water:

The air in the cabin is not humidified, and it often leads to all-too-familiar parched feeling. So, blood clots may even increase.

But the good news is that all these things can be alleviated by staying hydrated and simply drinking water.

Also, do not try to substitute soda or coffee for water either. Caffeine and alcohol may dehydrate you.

Bring a reusable bottle from home, if you are concerned about the waste of plastic water bottles or the price of buying water in the airport.

While you are in the bathroom, do not forget to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds to rid yourself of bacteria and viruses.

  1. Pay for In-flight Wifi:

Gogo Inflight Internet, charges about US $12. A monthly pass for frequent travellers runs about US $30.

The connection is not exasperatingly slow, and the ability to tweet from thirty thousand feet above is priceless.

  1. Check Recent Regulation Before you Leave:

Check the web site of the Transportation Security Administration and the Web site of the airline. The most up-to-dated regulation will be there.

Make sure to share them with your travel companions, too. It can keep hassles to a minimum.

  1. Check Your Carry-on at the Gate:

This one only works if your bag is already the approved carry-on size.

If you reach the gate with your luggage with one bag and the flight is very full, the volunteers may check your baggage to free up space in the overhead bins.

  1. Keep Your Carry-on Small and Light:

Small and light things should be fit under the seat in front of you. Also you can leave enough room for your feet.

  1. Bring a Sleep Kit:

These days Sleep kits can be purchased in most airport gift shops. Also you can make one at home to keep with your luggage.

A Sleep kit basically involves a U-shaped travel pillow and an eye mask which can suppress sunbeams bouncing off the clouds below.

Airlines used to distribute blankets regularly, but these days, it is often another item they can charge you extra for.

So if you have got a red-eye flight or perhaps you are crossing a few time zones, it is best to bring your own sleep kit. However you should keep it light.


So you need to:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Bring entertainment
  3. Personalise your luggage
  4. Do not be afraid to ask
  5. Talk to your neighbour
  6. Listen to the instructions carefully
  7. Allow yourself to sleep

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