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Top 10 safety tips when you are travelling abroad

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Moving abroad, for any amount of time is quite creepy, especially for first-timers. You may think lot about where to stay, how to commute, with plenty of ups and downs in between.

Travel, for the most part, can be done on weekends and or during the holiday season. Despite how far you get to go, here are a few pointers so as to keep your belongings safe.

Although most countries are safe, it is still advisable to keep these tips in mind, just in case. After all, better safe than sorry.

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Top 10 safety tips are mentioned as follows:

  1. Keep an eye on your belongings:

If you are inclined to take a backpack out with you, make sure that you twist the lock so that it is harder to undo.

Keep your wallet or other important travel documents in your front pockets and do not trust anyone who gets a little too close.

  1. Wallets and purses:

It is of utmost importance not to keep your travel docs, money, or valuables in your back pocket, no matter how deep it is. Thieves possess a habit of spotting travellers. Keep it safe and sweet up front.

  1. Put it away:

Even though you might feel more comfortable carrying your camcorder or camera on your arm or across your neck, don’t.

An expensive camera shines like a ruby piece to the trained thief. It might be less hassle to take out your bag if you have got it strapped around your body.

  1. Choose your travel buddy carefully:

Choose your travel partner carefully or otherwise it would also mean you will be putting your belonging (or life) at risk, unnecessarily.

  1. Insurance:

Whether you are looking to protect your valuable, get yourself off the hook in case something goes wrong at work.

Make sure you have got medical expenses covered, insurance is a must for anyone going abroad, in spite of how long for.

  1. Watch this space:

Some people decide to live life on the wild side. They go to underground parties, downbeat neighbourhood, meet incredible people and make friends for life.

However, if friends, locals, year abroad graduates or guidebooks have warned you not to go to a particular neighbourhood, then there must be a good reason behind that.

  1. Scan your important documents:

It is a good idea to get some copies of your travel documents, if in case you misplace them on your merry way.

  1. Get a health check-up:

It is important for you to get the most, if not all, your vaccination done before hand.

  1. Keep your cash and cards separate:

In all seriousness, you can escape with having various stashes of money easily located for you, badly located for a thief, scattered around your person or belonging.

  1. Typing in your personal details online:

If you are planning on sharing your personal details, think well before you hand over your passport number or account details.

Check the website before you purchase and look for the ´Secure Visa’ sign. Do not use your card in an internet cafe, even if you trust the owner.

Trojans, viruses, scam devices may easily pick up your details and use them to ill effect.


  1. Scan a copy of your passport
  2. Don’t flash your cash or valuables
  3. Keep an emergency car kit
  4. Save emergency numbers
  5. Choose your ground transportation wisely


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