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Does everyone have access for private jets?

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Yes, of course. You can contact any charter company. They can tell you the cost of renting a charter aircraft of your choice.

If you’ve enough money, then you can even purchase one. But then you will have to pay for its maintenance, parking and pilots.

How do I book a charter plane?

Plan in advance to book a charter plane. Don’t just do it in a last minute and it may mess up your plan .Read their instructions and call for quotes.

Are private jets safe?           

The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew. It pretty much sums it up.

It basically depends on the flight department of that company. Some executives would insist on superior aircraft and pilots.

Why are private jets so expensive?

First of all, private jets are a complex and very sophisticated machine. A lot of care and craftsmanship goes into each aircraft.

Smaller private jet doesn’t have the luxuries of exploiting an economy of scale. So they rely on owners paying fractionally for the aircraft and its costs.

Buying a private jet is an expensive proposition. It is more expensive than purchasing any commercial airline ticket.

Are private jets quieter than airliners?

I personally think the answer is yes. You can compare the size of a commercial jet & a private jet and think logically. What would sound louder?

The engine power of the commercial jet is better than a private jet. So yes, private jets are quieter than commercial airliners.

Is check-in necessary while flying with a charter plane?

It is up to the people who keep their planes at smaller airports. If it is your own aircraft, there’s nobody to check in with.

Do people smoke on charter planes?

Some people do. It is terrible. Luckily the pilots use their oxygen masks. But that smell stays in the plane. Also, the smoke is extremely bad for the avionics.

How it like to fly on a VIP charter with entrepreneurs and/or businessperson?

The major benefit is actually on the ground. You can easily avoid the queues of baggage check in, passport control, security, etc. On short-haul flights, this could halve our travel time.

Who gets to fly on a VIP charter?

Anyone who can afford it gets to fly on a private jet.

Why do private jets fly at higher altitudes than large transports?

Higher altitudes generally have less weather to deal with or route around. Commercial jets are selling transportation. It is optimize for variables like cost per passenger mile.

Fuel is by far the largest cost. So they optimize for fuel burn. Flying higher takes considerable fuel just to climb.

Yes, corporate jets can do often fly higher.  Typical cruise altitude for airliners is thirty to forty thousand feet.

Ultra long range business jets often start at forty thousand. It can climb as high as forty seven thousand feet or higher.

One of the reasons for the difference is pressurization.  It is easier to pressurize a small business jet .

What is it like to be a pilot for a charter plane?

One private airplane pilot I knew who ran a flying school. He gave flying lessons, hired other instructors, & ran the office.

But when he was called on to pilot the jet, he cancelled any previously scheduled lessons. I would see a lot of time gets spent in pilot’s lounges at local airports.

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