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Top 7 Reasons to Charter Directly From an Operator

A charter operator directly manages, maintains, and crews a fleet of aircraft. To be an operator, you’ve to earn your operating certificate issued by the FAA.

It is a rigorous process. Below are seven reasons why chartering a jet directly from a charter operator makes the most sense:

  1. Control:

There is typically no middle man who’s managing communication between the crews, FBOs, clients, handlers and beyond.

It is because the charter operator is directly managing the entire process, from smaller to larger details.

  1. Charter v/s commercial airline travel expenses:

The cost for 2 adults and 4 children flying first class will cost the same as chartering your own private jet flight purchased through a charter operator.

Similarly, groups of friends or business colleagues flying together can often find that the total cost of business or first class tickets are often in the same range.

Operator flights are usually marked up a minimal amount as opposed to many brokered flights.

Jet charters become a viable option for travellers who once thought they were restricted to commercial air travel.

  1. Jet selection:

A Charter operator has premier fleets and access to networks with more than two thousand jets to select from.

Operators aren’t restricted to a certain type of jet or jet class, thereby giving the traveller the choice of flying on Citations, Challengers, Gulfsteams, and beyond.

  1. On demand 24/7:

Operators give direct access to a charter representative who can offer flight quotes in as little as one hour to fifteen minutes.

Jets can be made tarmac ready within 2 hours. Having a relationship with an established operator will allow the client to receive personalized itineraries.

They also get comfort with the same crews, first opportunities at empty legs & peace of mind knowing that their preferences & needs are always met.

  1. Leisure travel made easy:

Above all a Private jet travel is convenient for the leisure travellers who desire private jet service on an occasional or regular basis.

No airport delays, security line waits, no crowded cabins. You get pure ease, convenience and the ability to relax.

  1. Increased flexibility:

Without the hassle of maintenance fees, crew costs, jet ownership, and storage expenses, there’re no extra expenditures to overwhelm passengers down.

On-demand charter also means you’ve to pay only for your flight hours on a specific trip.

  1. High safety and quality standards:

A Charter company upholds the highest safety standards. These safety standards are normally laid down by an advisory or regulatory body that may be either voluntary or statutory.

It only utilizes jets and pilots who’ve excellent ratings with safety auditing companies like Wyvern or Argus.

Brokers don’t have to hold an operating certificate issued by the FAA or go through the vigorous procedure of becoming an operator.

In this way, you can keep your money in your own pocket and not in the hands of a private jet sales broker.


You can save a large amount of money. Another big advantage is that you can have a direct communication with the operator.

Anytime there’re more links in the chain of communication. Another advantage is the ability to create a relationship and comfort level with the same group of pilots.

If that operator is fully booked when you call to schedule a trip, you may’ve to leave and look for other options, which may be time consuming.

The operator’s fleet may also not be distinct enough to meet all of your requirements.

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