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Top 10 Reasons to Prefer Tourist Charter

Today, people prefer to fly via tourist charter jets. Reason being, they give high quality service, luxury as well as the convenience and ease of travelling. Majority of the busy business people and celebrities prefer flying privately, as this mode of transport results in high range of advantage. People like costly tourist charter planes over the commercial ones. You can also checkout some benefits of tourist charter flights which attract people. They’re becoming more popular:

  1. You are in charge:

Hiring a private jet is a great deal because the jet is under your charge. If you’re running late to catch your jet, then there’s no need to hurry as your jet will be waiting for you to arrive. Not only this, you can sit wherever you like. There’s no restriction of place for sitting as it’s only yours.

  1. Convenience:

It’s not necessary to fly out using extremely busy hub airports. You can however choose your departing point as per your convenience. You can select from over five thousand airports for departure and arrival. This results in convenience for you.

  1. Customization:

You can choose the model of the air-plane that suits your travel requirements. You can also customize your journey. If you choose to hire a tourist charter, then you can also carry your beloved pets throughout your journey.

  1. Safety:

Most often private charter companies have high rankings from many safety research organizations. So safety is the primemost thing.

  1. Personal touch:

One would get to know about their crew members & their experiences while travelling in private jet charter flights. People would like to know about the crew members. So it would give a personal touch to it.

  1. Predictability:

There’s no fear of hidden costs related to private flight journeys. Also the price doesn’t vary during the peak days and one can travel when it is right for them.

  1. Efficiency:

There’s no need to check in several hours before you’re planning to schedule your departure. Also there’s no need to wait in long queues at the security as you’ve your own private jet plane.

  1. Privacy:

While sitting in the comfortable quite cabin enjoy your journey with your companions & friends. You’ll be much happy to travel with a tourist charter as it’ll provide full fledge privacy to you as well as your companions too.

  1. Flexibility:

While travelling in a private jet you can have a high range of flexibility. You’re free to stop at any other airport & pick up your friends & colleagues. As a result, there’re no more layovers for the connecting flights.

  1. Do what you want:

You’re free to do what you want inside the private jet. You can plan seminars, hold meetings, listen to music or stretch out, work together or even watch movies, and take a sleep for your tiredness.


In a tourist charter, you will get the ultimate flexibility & convenience. You can be far more productive and can turn up to your meeting refreshed & fully prepared. You could even choose to hold your meeting mid-flight too. By going private, the service is flawless from start to finish.

  1. Flight Flexibility:

You have the ability to set the schedule for when you want to fly. There’s no need to adapt your departure or arrival time to a commercial airline.

  1. Optimising your time:

With a check-in time of only fifteen minutes before the flight, you can optimise your time. Also there’s no need to arrive hours before check-in, as you would while travelling business class.

  1. No queues, less delays:

You’ll also save time by avoiding long airport delays and queues.

  1. Tailored departure times:

You’ve the ability to change your flight plans en route if necessary. No worries.

  1. Meetings on the move:

You can hold larger meetings on-board, and can benefit from full Inflight satellite communications connectivity.

  1. No traffic jams

Usually Private jets are far smaller than the commercial airplanes. So they’re able to fly higher than the usual thirty five thousand foot height of commercial airliners.

  1. Streamlined:

A Smaller private jet typically climbs faster and generally flies much faster than larger airliners. So, you can have a more comfortable flight experience with less time in potential turbulence.

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