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Why do Business People Need VIP Aircrafts Charter Planes?

There are five main reasons why flying with a private jet is much better than flying with a commercial airline.

  • Time Saving:

One of the best advantages of chartering a private jet is to save time. When you charter a jet, it’ll be ready to depart in just a few hours depending on your schedule.

You need to be at the airport only few minutes before your flight. Also, after you’re greeted at the Private Jet Terminal, you can relax in the VIP lounge.

Your passport and customs formalities are completed by ground personnel quickly.

  • Comfort:

Your private jet staff will look after your every need like customs procedures or passport and catering during the flight.

  • Privacy:

During the flight to your holiday destination, you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. Before your meeting without any distraction you can work extra productively.

Without the concern of anyone hearing you, you can have private conversation with your business associate. In this way, you can have more privacy.

  • Flexibility:

With a VIP charter jet, you can fly whenever you want. You do not have to arrange your schedule according to a set flight time.

  • Networking Opportunities:

With a seat on a private jet, you can enjoy an existing flight. You can have the chance of flying with some of the most successful names of the business and arts world.

Do I need to have a pilot and cabin attendant on full time staff if you own a VIP jet?

Nothing associated with the ownership of a private jet requires you to have anyone on staff.

The vast majority of business jets need two pilots as their minimum crew. So owner-pilots probably should able to reach out to someone qualified to occupy the other seat.

Beyond that, a purely private aircraft operated under 14 CFR Part 91 does not have any requirement for flight attendants of any type.

Also it doesn’t matter how many passengers it might be capable of carrying.

How do charter companies find aircrafts to rent?

There’re people called aircraft brokers who do deals between airlines. They get paid commission for every deal they do.

In the Northern hemisphere, October to March is the best time for the airlines. So they lease there aircraft to airlines in the Southern hemisphere.

Of course there is more demand for flights. An example of this was an Air New Zealand Airbus 320. Also there is no such word as aircrafts. It is aircraft.

Do private, luxury jets have kitchens?

Most if but not all have a galley. The size of that galley depends upon the size of the aircraft.

A super midsize aircraft like a Gulfstream G280 has a very small galley. On the other hand an executive configured 747 has a very large galley.

Are private jet pilots more qualified than commercial pilots?

Some private jet pilots are more qualified, and some are less qualified.   Therefore it’s really impossible to say. It depends on the individual pilot.

Private jet pilots are also licensed commercial pilots.  It also depends upon what qualifications are at issue.

On the other hand, commercial airline hiring practices favour military and commuter pilots over private jet pilots.  The reason for military pilots is clear and understood.

On the other hand Private jet pilots call much of the time and have more responsibilities. They usually fly a much less challenging daily schedule.

With the expense related with jet aviation, you are going to find maybe a handful of jet pilots who aren’t commercially minded.

Those who fly for a living are going to be far more driven to get the training and consistent hours than those who shell out for it.

What is the pay scale for pilot for private jets in India?

There is a saying in the private-jet business that if you’ve to ask the price, you cannot afford it.  Their salary ranges between 5 to 10 lakhs depending on your experience.

Do private jet passengers need visas?

Actually, it is a bit more complicated than another answer.

Reason being, a particular country will have different entry requirement for passengers arriving through different modes of transportation.

For example, some countries have procedures for a visa on arrival for foreigners entering through certain major airports, but not for those entering overland.

In fact, using the United States as an example, passengers who enter the airline under the visa waiver programme should have visa if they arrive on a private jet.

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