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5 Best Practices While Making Aircraft Fueling Arrangements

It’s important to budget in advance for fuel and applicable taxes. So in this context, many top aircraft fueling and ground handling companies in India make necessary arrangements in advance.

One thing to note is that aircraft fuel quality today is uniform worldwide for the most part. But, fuel shortages at locations are usually predictable particularly when you work with third party provider.

5 Best Practices When Making Aircraft Fueling Arrangements are mentioned as follows:

  1. Decide in advance how will you pay for jet fuel:

Using a fuel card is the preferred method of payment for fuel. One can usually use at more remote locations.

Be aware that fuelers may not accept credit cards. Very rarely fuelers may demand cash.

Even in the most remote locations, arrangement of some sort of credit with fuel suppliers is possible.

  1. Kindly check out advance notice requirements for your jet fuel uplifts:

Some locations request notice in advance. Your third party provider can inform if advance notice requirements are negotiable.

  1. Evaluate benefits of fueling your aircraft on arrival:

Fueling your aircraft on arrival is an option to consider if you depart from a location during a very busy period.

For instance, there may be fueling delays at certain locations in India during periods of busy airline activity.

In such cases, fueling on arrival can help eliminate the risk of fuel delays on departure. So you need to fuel your aircraft on arrival.

  1. Always carry copies of your jet fuel releases onboard the aircraft:

Keep copies of your jet fuel release onboard the aircraft. Having the jet fuel release in hand makes sure that the crew is aware of the supplier that should be refuelling their aircraft.

However, not all suppliers accept a copy of the release from an operator. They prefer to receive it directly from the contract fuel provider.

So it’s best to verify that the fuel provider has sent the release in advance.

  1. Understand VAT and excise duties and where they apply:

You need to understand what value added tax and excise duty is and where they apply.  This way, you can save maximum amount of money.


You need to plan fuel purchases ahead of your trip with fuel quotes for every stop. Also you need to be aware of all charges.

This includes delivery fees, taxes, and airport fuel charges. While pre-ordering jet fuel uplifts for India be aware of lead time requirements.

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