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Why Do We Need Temporary Landing Permit?

What is a temporary landing permit?

A temporary landing permit, upto a maximum of three days, is given to a foreigner who enters India by Air, without a valid visa, under emergent conditions.

To get this facility, the tourist or travel agency concerned should fill in the applications online on website

The tourist or travel agency should submit a complete list of group members along with printed Visa applications & their itinerary to the department concerned, 72 hours in advance.

The facility for collective landing permits for group tourists is available at the following airports:

Airports: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Goa.

The immigration authorities can give Temporary Landing Permits (TLPs) subject to:

  • Medical emergency:

We need temporary landing permit in medical emergencies like fracture, surgery, any major operation etc.

A person has to submit the proof of all documents needed.

  • Diversion of the aircraft to an Indian airport due to bad weather conditions

In case of bad weather conditions, an aircraft has to be diverted to an Indian Airport. So this is a special case.

Bad weather occurs anytime. It can be in the form of wind, rain, lightening, thunderstorm, and more.

  • Technical problems in the aircraft:

If any technical fault occurs inside an aircraft, then temporary landing is required. Technical problem can cause due to many reasons.

  • technical landing for refuelling:

If the fuel in the plane suddenly gets finished, then the plane has to land at certain airport for refuelling, then in that case also temporary landing is required.

  • Relief flights including flights operated under UN Mission:

TLP is given to relief flights operated under UN Mission.

TLP may be granted by the immigration authorities for the crew of non-PRC countries, subject to the DGCA intimating flight clearance:-

  • Cargo flights:

Cargo flights are airlines mainly dedicated to the transport of cargo by air. Some cargo airlines are subsidiaries of larger passenger airlines.

A special care service for human dead body is especially designed for support at times of need.

  • VIP flights:

TLP is given to VIP flights. These flights need special consideration.

  • Private Aircrafts of leading businessmen coming for business purpose:

This is also a special consideration. Private Aircrafts of leading businessmen coming for business purpose require TLP.

Also in this case, a temporary permit is given to businessmen.


There’s a condition of granting temporary landing permit to permit entry of foreigners arriving in emergent conditions like death or serious illness, without an Indian Visa on cash payment of US $ 40.

This facility can also be extended to transiting foreigners having confirmed onward journey tickets within seventy two hours.

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