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How to solve the biggest issues with Ground Handling at Airports India?

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Ground handling is an important aspect of airfield operations. No airport can operate without Ground Handling at Airports.

Different service provider organisations i.e ground handlers offer services of Ground Handling at Airports in india.

The services include cargo and fuel handling, maintenance, and services like passenger check-in and catering.

Biggest problems with Ground Handling at Airports India are as follows:

  • Infrastructural problems:

Infrastructure constraint is one of the biggest obstacles.

A good amount of money has already been invested in airport development.

  • There’s non-availability of Fixed Base Operator, and terminals.


ground handling at airports india

The numbers of Airline ground handling companies are extremely restricted.

There’s non-availability of Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul services.

There’s no separate parking. Also, the helicopters are operating out of airports. There’re no heliports and heli-routes in India till date.

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  • Presently capacity constraints are reported mainly at Delhi & Mumbai airports:

Congestion leads to a huge wastage of fuel.

There’re over forty flights that operate about eight trips between Mumbai and Delhi every day.

If all of them have an average circling time of thirty minutes each, then around Rs 40 lakhs of fuel is wasted per day.

The congestion also affects the turnaround time of the aircraft & reduces the average aircraft utilization.

  • Connectivity to new airports:

Airports are located at the outskirts of the city.

It has made the commuters to spend more time for travelling to the airports for the shorter duration routes.

This has led to the commuters preferring rail /roads for the shorter routes.

For many years business operators who landed in those airports always suffered from inadequacies in the service.

As a solution, the major international trip planning providers have chosen private ground handling companies.

These companies have hired supervisors in those airports to bridge the gap in service.

These supervisors normally offer the following services:

  • Coordination between all the parties in the airport:

Airlines and commercial operators generally hire station manager & airport service staff member to carry out this coordination.

Assigning a private local supervisor to carry out the station manager tasks is much more important.

  • Meeting the passengers and crew:

ground handling at airports india

Airport ground handlers help passengers to clear the airport’s customs, immigration and security formalities.

The role of the local English speaking supervisor is very important. He/ she can communicate with the passengers and the crew.

They can easily coordinate with the local workers and government officials in their local language.

Ensuring on-time service delivery and departure:

The ground handlers tend to give more attention to scheduled commercial Aircraft operation.

The local supervisor makes sure that the business aircraft gets the proper attention and service.

  • Providing organized services via trained, uniformed, courteous personnel:

The ground handling companies in Delhi strives to meet all your basic requirements.

They can handle a complete range of ground handling & passenger services for national & foreign carriers in India.

  • Providing quality service and on time performance:

The ground handlers should follow the best practices to guarantee the ground safety for your aircraft.


Final Words:

The ground handlers carry out operations as a responsible and important service provider to operator at respective airports.

They actively carry out Flight Operation services at Indian Airports.