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Ground Handling Services: Do You Really Need It?

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Ground handling services are basically provided to an aircraft between its arrival time, and the departure time for next flight.

It can be generally classified as:

  1. Terminal operations.
  2. Airside operations.

Terminal operations comprise of services like passenger loading & unloading, baggage handling, security checking & cargo handling.

Airside operations consist of services like ramp services, onboard services etc.

Ground Handling Service Providers:

Ground handling services are offered basically by the airport, the airline or any other service company.

An airline offers these services itself i.e self-handling. Otherwise you can contact another company to avail these services.

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But in general all the necessary services aren’t offered by a single company.

The service companies are basically self-handling airlines, independent operators, and third-party companies.

These tasks are very distinct and the operations are carried out all together to reduce aircraft’s ground time.

Delays cause heavy loss. Henceforth, time management in ground operations is always considered as a top priority.

The efficiency of any operation depends solely on coordination between different staff members, and information support systems.

What is the need for competent & approachable Ground Handling Services?

Responsiveness & efficiency are vital aspects of any operation.

The aviation industry today faces high volume of passenger & cargo traffic, increased competition, and the price sensitive market.

Therefore, efficiency and accuracy are highly essential in overall operations. It reduces aircraft turnaround time & the handling costs.

In the overall functioning, specialized equipments are used to provide different services. It should be readily available to avoid delays.

Also, different set of activities have to be done in parallel at a set schedule and also in an orderly manner.

Two most significant aspects dependent on the efficiency and responsiveness of the operations are aircraft turnaround time & check-in quality.

  1. Aircraft Turnaround Time:

It’s the time between the arrival & departure, during which the essential ground handling duties are carried out on an aircraft.

It consists of catering, cleaning, loading & unloading of luggage, fueling of an aircraft, etc.

The duration also varies from one flight to another.

It also depends upon the type of aircraft, volume of passengers, and the external factors like airport weather conditions.

The uncertainties should also be considered in order to maintain the efficiency and responsiveness of the overall operations.

  1. Check-in Quality:

In the past decade the passenger and baggage handling processes at the airports have improved a lot.

Self-service check-in is also implemented to speed up the check-in processes.

It also helps in the reduction of baggage and passenger check-in time.

Passengers can now use the booths at the airports to check-in for a flight.

With this, they can easily select a seat and generate luggage tags and boarding passes.

However, efficient terminal operations are highly essential to simplify the airport passenger check-in process.

Above all, Ground handling companies play a very vital role in the overall procedures.

They offer a better service to improve overall customer satisfaction.