About Us

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Vision Aviation Global was established to cater to growing demand for bespoke airline ground, air charted services, Landing Overflight Permits and a range of corporate aviation services for nonscheduled air travel within Delhi, India and USA.

Our aim is to provide exclusive Air Charter services for seamless operations throughout India. We are a security cleared company authorities by Government to obtain landing permit and overflight permits from Civil Aviation Authorities in Delhi, India.


We also arrange for air charters including tourist charters, helicopters besides facilitating issuance of visa, Landing Overflight Permits coordination and assisting in immigration and customs clearance. Our team of highly motivated employees, with years of experience in Aviation and other Industries specialize in

providing one stop solution for most efficient corporate flying. We take pride in being efficient and transparent in our dealings to ensure long lasting business relationships with our clients.


On ground experience and local knowledge ensures efficient station management and operational cost effectiveness for all flights. We offer unrivalled support for overflight permits, ground handling services through authorized ground handlers, ramp coordination services, flight tracking, updates, hotel reservations, ground handling services and many more…

Special flight Permits (Landing Overflight Permits) are required by an aircraft to overfly land or make a technical stop in India airspace. Landing Overflight Permits charges are also to be paid in case of aircraft and VIP charter making a halt in India.

An understanding of India’s specific procedures and restrictions is important while obtaining overflight or landing permissions. Our expertise and resources together with an understanding of Indian cultural norms allow us to acquire flight permission quickly.

Our expert team is always available to provide you the right charter solution for your passenger charter needs.

You can request different types of permits:

  • overflight and landing permits
  • Landing Permits
  • Diplomatic, Military and VIP overflight and landing permissions

Permit application information and the processing times to obtain these permits may vary. Please make arrangements well in advance as it may take up to a few working days or sometimes more before a overfly and landing permits are granted.