What is Airport Ground Handling Crew and their responsibilities ?

What is Airport Ground Handling Crew and their responsibilities ?

Have you ever surprise how airports or airline work and who is in charge of handling your flight running smoothly?

When it infest to air travel, there are thousands of employees working together to ensure your flight visit safely from Point A destination to Point B destination.

From Security Officers, Air Traffic Controllers, Baggage Crew, Gate Agents, to Cleaning Staff, Flight Attendants, Pilots, it embark a large group of people working together to make sure airports functions properly.

Ground handlers, also known as ground handling crew, are staff members of airline companies or airports who load and unload goods and lade, as well as perform various types of job work to prepare planes for flight.

While work responsibility or task such as, luggage handling, towing aircraft, Refueling aircraft marshaling and parking, and so on of ground handling crew change time to time between airports and airlines, there are a lots of tasks common to most positions.

Airport Ground Handling duties may include:

  • Welcoming passenger at the time of travelling
  • Handling the Goods, Cash, and Passenger counter.
  • Providing necessary flight information to passengers.
  • Providing to passengers have an easy and comfortable experience.
  • Suffice check-in, boarding and deposition procedures.
  • Handling and Coordinating with staff around the aircraft during its stopover.
  • Prepare and handle of the weather condition, flight plan, fuel, and other important information.
  • Providing an aircraft during a stopover.
  • Manage load and unload goods and baggage
  • Observe Customer Safety with Security Procedures
  • Handing and repairing mechanical faults

The Vision of a good ground handling agent provide towards the image appropriator and airlines have of an airport.

All those involved in the process should therefore ensure suitable quality levels are maintained.

If you visit an airport, make sure treat your ground personnel and other airport ground handling crew in USA with respect and patience. Not only they are trying to ensure you have a delightful trip, but they are also working hard to micro-manage a diversity of other tasks.

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