Ground Handling

Our network of professional staff enables us to offer a complete service package tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements and needs at all airports. .We provide all-inclusive airport ground handling services through authorized ground handlers and flight support services.

Our airport ground handling team addresses all requirements of passenger flights right from the time of arrival at the terminal gate to the departure time of next flight in the most efficient way to minimize the turnaround time. As your handler, we ensure efficient station management and administrative activities with local knowledge leading to operational cost-effectiveness for each flight.

Flight Support Services (Airport Ground Handling Services)

Our airport ground handling services flight support team aims at providing time and cost saving services ensuring turnaround in shortest possible time frames besides ensuring smooth slot coordination by providing latest NOTAMs and airport restrictions, liaising with various airport authorities, obtaining most convenient parking slots ,filing flight plans and obtaining ATC clearance, arranging third party airport payments and all services for full operational support.

We provide access to private lounges with refreshments for guests and crew, efficient baggage handling, transportation within the airport and all that it requires for seamless travel. While guest satisfaction is of paramount importance, we ensure the crew is taken care of by providing efficient and speedy after flight airport ground handling services including transportation and best hotel accommodation at most competitive rates.

Our flight supervisors coordinate all ground handling services of fuelling, catering, aircraft cleaning, provision of water carts, provision of APU and all services on Captains request.

We also assist in visa and TLP coordination and facilitate immigration and customs formalities. Our experts offer guidance for obtaining clearances for pilots and/or aircraft through the complex regulatory framework and formalities with Civil Aviation and other authorities.

Vision Aviation Global provides world-class Airport ground handling services New Delhi Airport. Ground handling services include all the services aircraft needs during the period it remains on the ground. Few airlines company acquire these services from an airport ground handling agents company.