Landing Permits

temporary landing permit

Vision Aviation Global is an authorized security approved company for filing and obtaining of Special Flight Permit landing and overflight permits. We are based in Delhi and are able to file and obtain permits in the shortest possible time frames from Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation, as well as apply for defence airfield permit ( AOR and NOR) from government authorities all based in Delhi, subject to minimum notice periods as required from time to time.


We also assist and facilitate issuance of visas/ temporary landing permits or TLP and provide assistance for Immigration and Custom clearance.

special flight permit is required where the aircraft is not being operated on a normal certificate of airworthiness and requires approval from the Ministry of Transport.

Our special flight permit support team aims at providing time and cost saving services ensuring turnaround in shortest possible time frames besides ensuring smooth slot coordination by providing latest NOTAMs and airport restrictions, liaising with various airport authorities, obtaining most convenient parking slots ,filing flight plans and obtaining ATC clearance, arranging third party airport payments and all services for full operational support.